What an opportunity given by Eurostar – Team star 2017 to host a meetup with the theme “The Magic of Testing”.   I am glad, this time Eurostar gave me and my team from ETMarlabs Pvt. Ltd- INDIA a chance to arrange the meetup.

While writing this blog, I thought of asking few questions to myself:

Why this event?

Eurostar, a community of testers across the globe and an international event which gives the opportunity/platform to Software testers in the world to talk and share their knowledge. Eurostar events are conducted across the globe such as AmsterdamStockholm and in 2017, Copenhagen will join that list of most frequented host city. Being the frontrunner in IT services, India produces more testers than any other country in the world.So it is important to have a forum to discuss industry best practices from every corner of the world & Eurostar gives an amazing opportunity to explore, discuss, debate.

I thought, it would be great if I can represent “The magic of Testing in INDIA” Specially in the “Silicon city of India” – Bangalore.

On 1st Sep 2017, Eurostar tagged my company on social media showing the list of participants hosting the meetup.

We were glad to see “INDIA” on the top of the list. My first goof up was done where I had given the date to host the event in Nov 2017 however if I would have done so, I wouldn’t be eligible to win ticket to Eurostar Conference 2017. Here comes the first challenge, it’s already 1st of Sep 2017 and we have deadline till 15th Sep 2017. In short, we had lesser than two weeks’ time to host the meetup. As we thought to host the meet up in weekend, we ended up with less than a week of time.

It’s always said,” Without a proper plan, your execution will not be smooth”

“A goal without Plan is just a wish”

The very first challenge was to finalize the idea for meetup which must be unique. All of team had chosen one or the other idea. Our idea had to be unique and different. So, we came up with prototype of conferences and informal meetup which has learnings in form of fun and games. Here, I started working on a plan for the meetup.


Planning divided into Tasks:

 Task 1: Finalize the Duration, Date & Venue.

On 2nd Sep 2017, we finalized the date of meetup i.e.  9th Sep 2017 and Venue was my company “ETMarlabs pvt ltd” Koramangala, Bangalore

Task 2: Plan the Agenda.

We planned the meetup timings, activities and what all should be part of the meetup. Starting from Welcoming to Presentation.

Task 3: How do we plan to get the people know about this meetup?

We created pages on social medias’ like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and we opened free registration through Town script and google forms. As in 2 days of time we got the 50 registrations. We kept the window open for 1 day till 7th Sep 2017. Our final registration count was 80.

We got another challenge that, on the same day, same city there was another meetup happening in Agile testing alliance. Now the pressure was more as the participants splits. But what to worry! We were determined and focused.

Task 4: To create the unique logo for theme “The Magic of Testing”.

 By now I was waiting for the package sent by Eurostar which includes Goodies (Posters, stickers, pens & registration cards etc.). Unfortunately, our package was held by customs and we didn’t receive it on time. Now we had another small hurdle of arranging the goodies in 2 days. We first started with Banners, Posters etc.

Here comes our logo with the Banner:

Task 5: To split the Agenda activities: 

We divided the agenda in smaller tasks like logos, posters, Banners registration, Game plans & Quiz arrangements, logistics & food arrangement etc.

Task 6: To confirm with audience:

 Coordinate with speakers and topics, attendees and sent them confirmation details.


Here comes the “D” Day. We all were ready and excited.

  • Registration & Welcome :

We started with Registrations & total number of participation was 60. And few of them came from different cities like Chennai and participants were from different background like starting from “Tester to Test Manager” and developers.

  • Our first presentation:

 Mr. Vinay Krishna- founder and Director-Technology of Pingala Software presented on the topic of “Behavior Driven Development – What, Why and How – from a tester’s perspective”. Participants got a chance a learn Behavior Driven Development by hands on practice.

It helps to share the understanding by examples among three amigos (BAs, Developers and Testers) and helps to explore unknown. It describes what business/end users want the system to do by talking through example / behavior.

  • Software Testing Relay Race:

This was our first fun game to showcase SDLC Model along with fun tasks in between all the phases. We combined the learning model with childhood fun Hurdle race. We divided the participants into 4 teams and 8 people in each team. Every team member is supposed to complete a stage by finishing two tasks in each phase i.e one is SDLC task and fun tasks. It goes spontaneously for 6 stages and whichever team completes all the tasks first with all the stages completion was the winner.