Listen these words carefully, It’s coming from inside you. This is a deadly romantic dialogue.

You take my breath away, your lungs says to cigarette.

Many places we have  “NO SMOKING” board. But still people stand there and smoke. We all are educated people, who have come from big IT colleges or Management schools. How come we don’t understand a board in simple English “No Smoking zone”.

I guess the smoke coming out from their cigarette makes the words blur. Sometimes I think, we should erase “No” from that board or remove the board itself.

We humans printed “No smoking” board & decided to hide the important part. Now its  called KING AREA.

From olden days, Smoking has been a fashion and It’s the only thing which has not changed.

I had curiosity to know, What makes people smoke so much?

It’s been many months I am asking people, my friends & my family members.Why people smoke?

Few of them didn’t have answer but many of them gave me reply.

I asked: Why do you smoke ? Here are the answers:
  • Kya kare! 15 years se smoke kar raha hun, so it has become a habit
  • It helps me unblocking my mind.
  • It keeps me refresh.
  • Releases my stress, tension and frustration.
  • It’s an addiction
  • Out of these I met a true Salman Khan’s fan, who said it gives me kick.
  • Nasha milta hai- I will be in some other world for few minutes.
  • I look cool when I smoke- Show off

I like all these answers and have opinion to them:

  • Who says it’s habit, I have only one answer: habit can be changed.
  • Yes, it unblocks your mind but it blocks your lungs.
  • The most harmful chemical nicotine can change the way your brain works.
  • It keeps you refresh and dies your cells
  • It may release your stress but what about the environment?
  • Addiction can make you feel trapped.
  • Yes, you will be in another world, if you don’t stop smoking. Hell, or Heaven depends.
  • Today you are cool dude, one day your son/daughter or next generation will be cool dude!
One of them told me: Why don’t you try and find out the answer?

I wanted to reply- I tried and didn’t find any of the reasons to continue it.

I don’t smoke but then also I am smoker. Surprised?

No I am not lying, I am a passive smoker. I have my family members, friends and colleagues who are active smokers.

The only difference here is I have never taken cigarette in my hands but whenever they take in their hands, knowingly or unknowingly I will be around them.

Even a cigarette packet cover has WARNING SMOKING KILLS with a horrible image.

But our smoker friends have great ignorance power. They will not notice the warning and image however they will check the flavor of the cigarette.

OH! Mint flavor.

I get angry, When I see picture on a cigarette packet. Why does govt or manufacturer don’t display those reasons as images on the pack? Something like Tension release, cool dude image etc.

At Least those images will not give tension to a non-smoking person. Now when husband buys a cigarette pack, wife will be worried seeing the image,because she knows the effects of it.

I am not saying, the people who smokes doesn’t know the effects or consequences of it.

I must say they are courageous to take risks. I guess, It’s an adventure.

But Adventure for whom, for husband – when he smokes or for wife- when he will get health issues like cancer, lungs problem etc.

Many of us know Cigarette is injurious for health, there are many campaigns, Bans related to it.

Do we care?

Answer will be “NO”

But still, my mind and heart said- You should write and make people aware about few facts. After all it’s Human tendency, We know, we should not give free advice, but we do.

“Jis cheez ke liye mana karoge, hum yohi karenge chhahe wo achi hai ya buri”

Well , let’s check out few things about Cigarette.

What is a cigarette?

Here is what Wikipedia says: A cigarette is a small cylinder of finely cut tobacco leaves rolled in thin paper for smoking. Most modern manufactured cigarettes are filtered, and also include reconstituted tobacco and other additives.. Cigarettes are designed so that the tobacco can be smoked, by lighting the cigarette and breathing in the smoke.

Cigarettes vary in strength, taste and intensity depending upon:

  • The type of tobacco leaf that is used.
  • Where on the tobacco plant it is taken from?
  • The way the leaf is cured.
  • How the leaf is processed.

Tobacco leaves contain an addictive chemical called nicotine. The content of nicotine in the cigarette will depend upon the type and part of leaf that is used. The higher on the plant the leaf is taken, the greater the nicotine content.

What it contains?

One thing we all know and I have mentioned, Cigarette contains Nicotine.

But wait it’s not the only thing.

Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. These cigarette ingredients include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT.

Common additives include yeast, wine, caffeine, beeswax and chocolate. Here are some other ingredients:

We all are business people, working for money to fulfill our necessities, wishes or to have a luxury life. We are smart, we keep track of our expenses. We think twice if a vegetable seller ask us more money and start to bargain everywhere but Do we know the cost of smoke?

How much we spend?

A smoker must bear the cost two times:

Firstly, When he/she smokes

Cigarettes are priced around Rs 10-15, let me take a full cigarette price ie.15 Rs. If a person smokes five cigarettes a day, he spends Rs 75 daily — or Rs 2,250 a month.

2250 Rs cost of a life insurance: which can help our family members.

2250* 12 months = 27000 yearly.

Don’t miss one thing. Apart from our wages or salary everything else has hike system. Cigarette too gets hike yearly.

Then after smoke effects:

If you still ignore the dreadful image on the cigarette pack, then cost of medical expenses will be unstoppable.

Monthly 400 Rs- though it’s very less.

Yearly 400*12= 4800 Rs

4800*30 years = 144000

Now lets see the total cost for 30 years:

Cost of Cigarette + Medical expenses

810000 + 144000 = 954000

This time I have not consider hike in medical expenses.

As per newspaper sources : Smoking kills 14000 people everyday.

What are the effects of Smoking?

Smoking has 11 deadly effects on you apart from other effects on your loved ones and society.

  1. Smoking can permanently stunt your lungs and if you are a sportsman then it may affect your ability to run.
  2. It can cause serious health issues, Asthma, lungs blockage then various types of cancers.
  3. Smoking changes your blood chemistry and can lead you to deadly blood clots.
  4. Cigarettes can make you lose controlWAIT! This list doesn’t stop here. A smoker also get package of Default complimentary issues:
  5. It makes you smell like ashtray.
  6. It causes wrinkles and Graying skin.
  7. It makes your body week and gives you shivering.
  8. It takes away our healthy lungs.
  9. It takes away our years of life.

With all these it takes away your hard-earned money.

These effects are only to you and your family. It has bigger impact on society and our environment.

Next time when you light a cigarette, just imagine you are lighting many lives along with you. I would request – Don’t kill yourself and others.

I am wondering from many years Govt of various countries are spending millions of rupees on Anti smoking campaigns and diseases treatments.

Studies have shown that the government spends approximately Rs 300 billion annually in both public and private spending on treatment of tobacco-related illnesses accounting for roughly one fourth of all health spending.

Why can’t they just stop these manufacturer?

One of my smoker colleague gave me this idea, We have 7 billion people in the world and few Cigarette manufacture companies. Why can’t they just request the manufacturers to stop manufacturing & distributors to stop distributing ? instead of spending billions in educating 7 billion people (India).
It’s easy to handle few people than stopping 7 billion people.

Now I will leave rest to you and Govt. It’s good for you and your loved ones if you Quit smoking and change your habit. Otherwise you are bearing the cost and will keep bearing.