Why bugs love our Software?

April 25th, 2017 2 Comments


We have been asked , Why application has bugs?

We have multiples answers to this question based on the situations. Today I am here to show, Why bugs love our software?

To me, we cannot have a software which is bug free, Its just next to impossible. If software development exists as a field of business, there would be errors in them.

We must have seen TV commercial ads where everything is 99.9% secure, they keep 0.1% of uncertainty in the quality of the product. For eg: Soaps, consumer products etc.

This time I thought, Why not we ask this question to a bug ?

So, I asked the same question to a bug which I found named Buggy ! Why do you exist in our system?

He gave me many reasons. Let’s hear from Buggy.














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Creative way of writing 🙂 awesome


Good one surbhi…..