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September 19th, 2016 13 Comments


Welcome to “Highonblog”.

Who am I?

I am Surbhi Aul. I think of myself as an extremely committed, forward thinking & capable individual. By Profession I am a Test lead and works in Software testing domain .I work for a startup with just about 100 employees.

This is my first blog post and I will use “Highonblog” site for my favorite topics on random and scattered thoughts.

Isn’t it the first step to making good friends?!

Started my career as struggling tester and moved Sr tester with the focus on Salesforce ecosystem. Today as test lead,I am managing  team of committed/capable QAs .

I have grown by learning the basics of manual testing, moved to advanced testing ,mobile testing & Salesforce testing. I have sufficient knowledge to help individuals in their career in Manual testing. My passion is to Cook, Spray paint or do Sand art .



I would highlight some of the recent milestones from my career outside of my company.

 1.STWC: Software Testing World cup: Participated in Semi finals- ASIA 2016

The Software Testing World Cup 2016 (STWC) is a tournament for all testing practitioners around the globe. Testers gets chance to show off their skills and compete with other international testing professionals. It brings the testing craft into the spotlight and gives the profession a competitive event on a global scale.

2. Bugathon- Participated along with my colleagues.

International Crowd testing competition in association with QA agility bought to us by Agile testing alliance. This competition happened in Campassite- Bangalore and we participated with other 100 + Software Testing professionals.

3.India testing league – One of the Semifinalist in INDIA TESTING LEAGUE -2016

ITL 2016 is an annual Software Testing based contest for corporate professionals in India & Purpose of this contest is to identify India’s most knowledgeable Software Testing professionals. ITL is an initiative of UNICOM to run India’s most prestigious Corporate Quiz on Software Testing. In this event  3000+ teams from 218+ companies had taken part from all over India. People,with experience ranging from 6 months to 18 years and roles ranging from Software Engineer to Project Lead and CEO.  KPMG has presented and Unicom ran ITL 2016 in Movenpick Hotel Bangalore.

 4.Testathon: Won Most active QA award

Testathon is an event for testers, being conducted in India for the first time at the Facebook office in Hyderabad.  It was the 5th event organized by Testathon, the others being in London, Stockholm, San Francisco, Cluj Napoca. On ‘D’ day we tested some amazing apps with some of the best testers and won a whole load of prizes. Me and My colleague participated in the Testathon & we were selected amongst a 1000+ applicants from well-known IT companies across India. Followed by initial screening , we  joined the final 50 testers!

Apart from this I have got many appreciations by my employers.

Why I am here?

I have guided People who are passionate about testing and Professional and Personal aspects. It’s probably more useful to share my idea in site.Other people can take something from it and it can help them in their career.

What are my intentions?

In this site you will see posts on my experiences, testing, Cooking, Passion or on random stuff.

I have no idea about blogging and like to share knowledge or learnings. This Post is to present my thoughts and intention for making “Highonblog” site.

I was stumbling around and it took me 1 month to decide about my first blog. This was the high time to “jump in” and start writing a blog.

With less supervision, I have learnt many things in Software testing world and in my life. I will be writing many posts on my personal experience. I believe, the lessons learnt from struggle stays with us for lifelong.

How can you connect with me?

I am newbie in the world of blogging who would love to read your comments. Your Feedback will motivate me to write more blogs.Comments or likes by my audience will become my reward. A gift to myself for taking a small step.

Stay tuned and leave a reply,comment, like or follow this post.

If you want to hear more from me, please send me mail at



About the author

It's been 10 years,I have been employed as a professional Lead Quality Assurance Engineer and Promoted to take additional responsibilities as Test Manager. Participated in various Testing competitions like Testathon, India testing league, Bugathon. Contributed to community by sharing knowledge on Salesforce platform as Speaker in Unicom event. I have tested a number of existing software products to determine if they were working properly, had been configured correctly, and were as good as they could be. Apart from these Professional activities I am very much interested in creative and different stuff. For me Success is Passion + Enthusiasm. If I am interested in something then I will do it until I get success.

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    Surbhi Aul


Congratulations!!! Looking forward to more posts. 🙂

    Surbhi Aul

    Thanks Ajay.Will post more soon


Looks promising

    Surbhi Aul

    Thanks Tanay

Nice start.. keep going.. good luck..

    Surbhi Aul

    Thank you Sendil

Praveen Louis

Good write up Surbhi…Waiting to see more radical testing methods we have always tried to implement, covered in your blogs!!! Happy Blogging!!

Ajay Prabhu

Your strength is you know what you want and you have determination to work towards it. That makes you stand out. Wishing you good luck, Ajay

    Surbhi Aul

    Thanks Ajay for always motivating me.


Hey Surbhi, Very good initative..please keep writing.. the article is written very nicely..keep up the good work