STWC, Results – Sixer in Software Testing World Cup ASIA- 2016

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I recently wrote about Software Testing World Cup and shared my experience along with few key thoughts.

Now it’s time to share the results. It is not about winning the game or numbers,It is about knowing your limits and achievements.

Being a Salesforce tester, It was important for me to participate in STWC- Software testing world cup Asia 2016 and check out where I stand in outer world. This was an opportunity for me ,which I grabbed.

A team of 4 named as “fReEtHInkErs” participated in STWC ASIA 2016. Here is the link about my participation and sharing.

Let me be honest, when I thought of participating in this competition, I had a target to be in “TOP 10” in this competition. But after participating and while waiting for the result, I became greedy and wanted our team name to be in “TOP 5”.  The reason of my greediness was our performance. I thought we performed very well and can come in “Top5”.

After 1 month of competition we got the results. It was 28th Oct 2016, A mail popped out from the mailbox with the subject:


Mail had this link to result page. With the mix feelings, I clicked on the link and started checking our team name from Bottom to Top.

As our expectations was to be in TOP 10, my eyes hit on 10th number. 10,9,8,7, and here comes “fReEtHInkErs” name with 63 points.OMG! my name is on their site.


There was some problem with the Serial numbers in front of the team name, which got solved.

Wohoo! We are on 6th position in STWC ASIA-2016 and 4th Position in India.

I was happy as well as disappointed from myself. Happy, because we participated and achieved something we never thought of and Disappointed, because I could not make in Top 5. My eyes were wet, I was emotional.

Only one question :Why didn’t we come in Top 5? Just 1 point we would have come on Top 5.

Should I call myself Greedy or ambitious?

Well! I called my team fReEtHInkErs and we congratulated each other and spoke to my friends. My team and family was very happy and excited. It was an accomplishment for my team members, then I realized, Why I am not thinking in this way? Coming in Top 10 on 6th position in the ASIA is not a smaller thing . Of course ! It’s a great achievement. A platform where, we proved our self among other testers from Asia.

I checked my Test summary, I realized, the reason of not being in “Top 5” was few silly and one costly mistake.

A costly mistake:

We focused on Quantity of bugs not the Quality of bug writing.

Means: We raised 55 bugs, few of them had steps. Rather than doing this we should have raised 20 bugs but with proper and complete steps.

Well, this was the lesson for us and I am sure we will take care of this next time.

It is a shining Platform for every tester and we should grab the opportunity by participating in this competition.

Why should we participate in STWC- Software Testing World cup?

  • This platform is surely a place to test yourself to find out where you stand on the world stage.
  • Excellent learning opportunity in terms of application, team work, tools, strategy etc.
  • Networking with other testers in the world.
  • Low investment and Big prize money.
  • You and yours team name in Software Testing World cup site.

I am surely going to participate next year and my target is to go to Germany or wherever they will have final round 🙂

And hopefully I will be writing my blog on participating in STWC finals 2017.

Till then stay tuned for more blogs on other important stuff and Don’t forget to like, comment and follow this post





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It's been 10 years,I have been employed as a professional Lead Quality Assurance Engineer and Promoted to take additional responsibilities as Test Manager. Participated in various Testing competitions like Testathon, India testing league, Bugathon. Contributed to community by sharing knowledge on Salesforce platform as Speaker in Unicom event. I have tested a number of existing software products to determine if they were working properly, had been configured correctly, and were as good as they could be. Apart from these Professional activities I am very much interested in creative and different stuff. For me Success is Passion + Enthusiasm. If I am interested in something then I will do it until I get success.

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