16 key points to improve skills

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How many of us imagine to be  an actor, musician, painter, scientist, leader or champion.

Have we ever thought why? What special they have?

Let me answer these questions.

Its because of their talent and the skills they have.

In this growing world, it has become important to develop your skills and move forward, but when you are busy, it isn’t always easy to get the head space to consider things properly


I have found few key points which can help us improve our skills.For me, it has worked in testing career as well as in personal life,be it learning new software, painting, sand art. Keeping these key points in mind,I have moved forward and progressed well.

Let us share those key ingredients:

 1. Be Adaptable

It is important to be adaptable to work well with others or team. A person who is flexible to their environment can be helpful for employees to brainstorm ideas.

2. Be Attentive

Listen the context carefully. We should avoid distractions which provides hurdles in our way of improvement.

3.Have Passion

When we are enthusiastic and proud of the work we do, we can  overcome many obstacles that arises in the process of starting a new learning or moving up in a career .

4. Be Realistic

Always set realistic deadlines for yourself. An unrealistic deadline can lead to disappointments. Be practical.


Talk, ask questions, read, write, watch, learn, teach, study.


Monitor your mental and emotional state. Balance your professional and personal activities and think critically.

7.Be Organized

Being more organized means being more time efficient. If you are generally an unorganized person, it can have a very negative effect on your work life and productivity.


Remember it’s better to have more than 1 head. Tell people about what you’ve discovered, and listen to what they tell you in return. Make friends, take ideas and give ideas. Share your views.

9.Be focused

Focus plays an important role in achieving success.It won’t let you go until the job is done because its persistent and stubborn.

10.Ready to Invest

Be ready to invest your time and attentive in your learnings.Find out the what is useful to you or any issue you want to solve. When you start doing your work with fun, things will automatically start falling into places.

11.Defocus yourself

Look elsewhere or do something else for a while. Observe the things in your environment; direct your focus to something to which you hadn’t paid attention before.


Recognize and embrace how much you still want to learn. Get used to that, learn to love it.


Be ready to accept feedbacks positively. Getting feedback when learning a new skill will allow you to get accurate information about how well you’re doing as quickly as possible. It becomes much easier to connect that information to your actions and make the appropriate adjustments.


Hang around with people who inspire you on some level. Offer help to them and ask them for help.

15.Right Practice

Practice will not make you perfect, in fact Right practice will make you perfect. Repeat the cycle continuously. Practicing is the way to learn anything. Sometimes, practicing can get repetitive and monotonous, So maintain discipline and have patience

16.80/20 rule

We can apply Pareto Principle which says 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. In practical sense suppose we want to learn a new language then every word we learn or say in everyday situation can help you achieve your goal.

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It's been 10 years,I have been employed as a professional Lead Quality Assurance Engineer and Promoted to take additional responsibilities as Test Manager. Participated in various Testing competitions like Testathon, India testing league, Bugathon. Contributed to community by sharing knowledge on Salesforce platform as Speaker in Unicom event. I have tested a number of existing software products to determine if they were working properly, had been configured correctly, and were as good as they could be. Apart from these Professional activities I am very much interested in creative and different stuff. For me Success is Passion + Enthusiasm. If I am interested in something then I will do it until I get success.

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