A bold step,Demonetization by PM Mr Narendra Modi – White Vs Black

November 24th, 2016 2 Comments

From past two weeks, I am borrowing money from my friends or relatives. Finally,  got a chance to step into ATM to withdraw money.

I was unsuccessful to get Rs 400 in my first try and Rs 1000 in second trial. 3rd attempt was successful when I punched Rs 2000 on the screen. Machine started reacting, mind said It’s working out. For the first time, I will see Rs 2000 note.

Happy to see new Avatar of Gandhi ji in pink color.A new note by Indian Govt and Our PM Mr. Narendra Modi. I was in Dilemma of either getting the change or go home & show this new note to my Husband.

With Rs 10 in my pocket,I decided to get the change. Before that for the first memory,I clicked pic of Pink Gandhi ji.


First challenge was to withdraw the money after standing in the long queue, here comes another challenge of getting change for Rs 2000.

Tried every possible shop from small to big, but Gandhi ji didn’t want to go anywhere.

 For the first-time shopkeepers are ready to swipe card even for Rs 40 for a Plate of Pani puri 🙂

I was happy to know that I will be able to show my husband but on the other hand Gandhi ji was still not ready to go out from my Pocket even next day morning.

I had heard many rumors about new Rs 2000 currency like Note has Nano chip, it leaves color etc.

This was the time to investigate and find out the truth:

  • 2000 Rs Note doesn’t have any Nano Chip or tracking instrument.
  •  Mahatma Gandhi ji has changed his position in Rs 2000, from Right hand to Center.
  • The new note doesn’t leave color when you dip into water.

Personally, I don’t have view on new Rs 2000 in terms of Quality, Size or Color unless and until it fits into my purse & holds the value.

But Yes, earlier I used to struggle to get change for Rs 500, Now I am wondering, who will give me change for Rs 2000!?

A bold step by our Indian govt has changed the life of everyone.


In recent days, we would have heard N’ number of times discussing about old notes, new notes and demonetization . At Present ATMs are giving an impression of temple where people are standing in a long queue.

I am least interested in Politics. But, looking people around me,I couldn’t neglect to understand what is happening in our Country? Sitting in front of the TV, where Reporter Arnab is arguing with many Political leaders and my husband is interestingly watching. Ears towards News channel, Eyes on Rs 2000 note, I was puzzled in my own thoughts.

Demonetization – a strong step by our PM Mr. Narendra Modi, Where, I am puzzled, Should I be happy as a common man or disappointed?

Of course, Not being a fan of Politics, I support him and his decision of Demonetization. In my view problem is not with the rule of stopping currency of Rs 500 or Rs 1000 but it’s more with the execution. I was wondering why he stopped these notes, what did he get?

 Obvious answer is “Black Money”

Let me give you an example of Black Money

Bangalore is  a hub of IT, a city where more than 40% of population belongs to other states, people stay in Pg’s or rented homes.

Many a times, we are forced to pay rent in cash with a normal receipt, this cash goes under their mattress.

Like this most of the transactions and daily wages in many sectors happens through cash.Sudden liquidity crunch hit both employers and employee on merchandise and wages respectively.

These are medium sized fishes who makes the black money. Imagine like this we have fishes of all sizes in the world and big sharks too who make money from people who struggle to fulfill their basic needs.

So, Demonetization has changed the economy in last one week,

Lets  list down major changes in our country.

  • Lots of Black money has come out in the market.
  • Real estate may see significant process correction and land prices might come down.
  • Political parties will not take support by power of money.
  • Cash less economy can be in, soon! Digital India, where all the transactions happens online.
  • This one step has shaken the World of terror, gambling where lots of funding used to happen illegally.
  • People will deposit their money to bank and govt will get lot of revenue from Tax. This money can be used for Betterment of India.

The negative impact of Demonetization are:

  • People must stand in queue for hours to exchange the note in bank and to withdraw the money from ATMs.
  • We have impact on businesses, because of limited money in the market.
  • In my opinion if Rs 2000 note doesn’t have a Nanochip concept then how will it stop making black money? Earlier people were storing Rs 500 or Rs 1000 now it will become easier to store Rs 2000 note.
  • Tourism industry will have impact where People are carrying old notes.
  • In the news, it was shown that many banks are not releasing money to the people for their events like marriage even after showing wedding card or other required documents.
  • The transactions on consumer goods will be slow down due to limited cash availability.
  • Many of the ATMs still don’t have new notes of Rs 500 for our daily expenses.

I feel, everything in this world will have positive and negative affect. If we need Rose, we need to deal with Thorns. I believe we should look for Big picture, if we get trouble for short term which will lead to benefit in long term then we should always be ready to take a chance.

It sounds good when you write blog, but I know practically it’s difficult when tomorrow again, I might have to miss first half of my office to stand in long queue. However, despite all this I support this act of Demonetization and our P.M Mr. Narendra Modi.

Even after getting so many threats from oppositions and terrorism, he is ready to move ahead and asking us for our time. He will surely have many plans for betterment of our country. But just one question ,How long this act will sustain, Is it one time action or a permanent solution?

The only expectation as a common man is that in future we will have better execution and will be ready to face the music over his bold moves.

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