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It’s digital world and most of us communicate through emails for any official or non-official purposes. We as employee to any organization normally sends emails to our customers, partners, vendors or investors. Imagine, when we first time send mail to anyone without meeting them, in that case content of our email and signature acts as a brand.

Many times, we ignore the signature in our email and just mention something like this:

This looks incomplete and gives very bland flavour to our signature. We all know how much ever good looking or spicy food we cook, but if we miss or don’t add salt in it, food lose all its properties.

“Your signature is like Salt in the food”

Your email signature is not just your name, it’s your personal branding. It gives us opportunity to promote our business, image or our websites. Your personal branding should be eye catching and should give positive experience to the reader.

As per Email Statistics Report, 2015-2019, count of email accounts in 2015 was 4353, which is increased to 5594 in 2019. And majority of traffic comes from business world. In 2019, the average number of emails received are 96 and sent are 30 per day by a user. So, just imagine the amount of interactions happening in digital world.

These interactions are almost baseless, when our identity is not defined. Our signature gives the first impression to the reader along with our email content.

   Leaving a good impression becomes harder,when you must do it at the last of your email content. But,a strong email signature catches the reader attention immediately.

The email signature format can vary from profession to profession and person to person. However it should be professional, not to be flashy.

We all have different clothes to wear on different occasions. Imagine one going with short skirt in a temple or Pooja. It will look weird. (no offence to western clothes. Its just an example).In the same way, If I as Professional keep my signature flashy or jazzy, it might affect my personal brand.

Every organization/team has their own standard or way of creating the signature. This must be followed across the organization / team.

Let’s have a look, what an email signature should contain?

  1. Your name.
  2. Your company name/logo- The logo or name should contain link to the website.
  3. Your designation or Role in the company.
  4. Your skills or certifications.
  5. Your email id, phone.
  6. Link to your social profiles.
  7. Your views in terms of thought or can add your company slogan, if any.

Here, I am sharing a dummy/sample email signature:

The above sample has all the necessary information required in any signature. The format can be changed. However, Information /content should be nearly same.

Do’s and Don’t

While creating the signature please make sure you keep these DO’s and Don’ts in mind.

Let me summarize, Importance of signatures in your emails or letters

  1. Personal branding/Association.
  2. Acts like Digital business card.
  3. Promotes business.
  4. Professionalism.
  5. Builds trust.
  6. Reader can contact you easily.
  7. Multiple options for readers to contact you.
  8. Showcases your skills or overview of you.

Most of the company’s uses Gmail or outlook for email communications. So sharing the links to create signature in both the platform.

How to create Gmail signature

How to create outlook signature

There are multiple sites in google where you can create the signature, some of them are:



I hope you liked this post. Stay tuned for more posts and Have a great day!

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