Bug’s life span or Bug life cycle

In my previous post, I have explained dramatically why we get bugs or why bugs loves our Software. Here is the link https://highonblog.com/bugs-love-software/ to know more. Now in this post I will be talking about life span of a bug or bug life cycle.In software development process, the bug has a life cycle and this life cycle contains many stages which are updated by various team members in project life cycle.

The Life Cycle varies from organization to organization and is governed by the software testing process the organization or project follows and/or the Defect tracking tool is being used. Bug life cycle begins when a software developer creates unintentional software defect i.e. bug and ends when the bug is tested and closed by Tester. This means the bug no longer in exists.

Let have a graphical representation of Bug life cycle:

enter Bug statuses:


We should follow best practices to raise any bug. I shall explain those practices in my next post where I will also be explaining What is the difference between bug and defect and other factors related to it.So for that stay tuned with highonblog.com.

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