A defined limit, restricts our creativity? Think about it!

Last month,I had discussion with my team about Testing competition which I wanted to do in our organization. The format of testing competition is, Testers test application and deliver documents related to that particular application.

I had started the preparation and was in the middle of setting rules and guidelines for the competition. Decision was that, each document would hold some weightage or points during the competition.

Suddenly one of my team member asked me,

Team member: Surbhi, why do we have weightage for the documentation?

I: Because we should have count on the documents delivered in shorter period.

Team member: How will you give points?

I: Why, what is there. Each document will hold a point, Say for Test scenario 15 points, Test plan 10 points.

Team member: That’s fine, Surbhi. But, you have already prepared templates.

I: So, What?

Team member: Everyone will edit or update our test template. Since we have readily documents available.

I: It is not necessary that you use the same template as available, you can make your own templates for testing documentation and submit it.

Team member: But it will be double work and we are using this template since beginning. Why do we have to make same document again?

I: We are using the same template from beginning because no one is changing it. Making changes will need effort, time and idea.

When I joined this organization, I had made all these testing templates Test plan, Reusable Test scenario or Reports. Every document related to Testing now have a defined template. From starting of the project till end of the project life cycle, templates are readily available. And team can use these templates to have time.

 These documents are prepared to save our time during the project and trust me, this exercise has saved lots of time during the Testing life cycle in any of the project.

Let me give you an example:

When we were in 1st standard, we learnt to write applications.


This was the format in most of the cases and we would have used the same format for years. Since it was readily available for us, we never thought of changing. But when we went to college, format got modified. Based on individual’s capability, we changed the words, sentences.

But because of change in sentences, we don’t change message. Message is to convey; I am not well.

The same applies here, when we have a template that is readily available, does not necessarily mean that we all should use the same template for all competitions.

To make a Test plan the intention would be to summarize, Scope of the project, Timelines, Features, Resources etc. We can use our ideas, creativity and change the content but message of that document should remain same.

So, in this way we can give points for documents in competition.

Templates should not restrict our creativity. A template is available to give a structure which successfully conveys the message of the business. It is to show us the direction for communication.

It now depends on individual capability what changes can one make in the readily available documents.


It’s all about creativity and idea. The beauty and purpose of creativity is that; it can take shape almost anywhere.

go to site If a person is surrounded by walls and wants to see a scenery beyond the boundaries, then the only way to achieve this only not by painting their scenery on those walls  but he can do much more than that.

Creativity cannot be wild in business context, that’s the reason we have defined set of templates, so that we can deliver certain set of values or messages.

There is no limit for creativity and our thinking.

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