Email “4W” guidelines

As per marketing statistics, there are over 6 billion email accounts and on an average we spent 2 hours a day to read and write emails. Our inbox handles more than 100 emails in a day be it professional or personal account.

In this fast-paced digital life, we tend to make mistakes in writing and responding to professional emails. For any business communication, officials prefer to write and respond through email and unfortunately many of us still are not aware how to use email appropriately?

 We need to make sure our emails are worth reading and consuming the time of our readers.

Let’s checkout few basic guidelines:

  1. Respond to your inbox email ASAP. Don’t delay it more than a working day.
  2. If the email holds urgency, please mark it with High importance flag.
  3. Email with high importance should be responded ASAP.
  4. Always send email “To” and “From” an official email ID.
  5. Include a clear and short Subject line.
  6. Refrain from hitting “reply all” unless you really want everyone to read that email.
  7. Don’t use slangs.
  8. Avoid using casual languages and more emoji’s in professional emails.
  9. Be cautious with humour.
  10. Don’t write personal content in the email.
  11. Always use bullet points.
  12. If any one is asking you on the points, Highlight your answer below the same point.

Apart from these basic guidelines, I personally use “4W” technique for effective email communication and would like to share with you.

  1. To whom you are sending /addressing?
  2. Why are you writing email to this person/person?
  3. What are you expecting?
  4. When do you expect him to reply?

Below shared mind map will elaborate the “4W” email technique.

Please zoom in your browser for better visibility.

I hope you like this short post and will share it with others.Stay tuned for more posts.

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