Inspirations from Unbreakable Bull Salman Khan – Sultan movie

We watch many motivational movies, this time I thought of writing blog on my favorite actor Superstar Salman khan. He is famous for 3 things:

  1. Stardom, Acting
  2. Bachelorhood
  3. Controversies

Despite all the controversies he rules in the heart of many people in the world. Few days back his movie Sultan was released and it was box office hit. This movie was not only a great source of entertainment but also gave us many lessons of life. While watching Sultan, I was motivated and learnt many things about life. Let’s do examination of “Sultan” movie and share our learnings:

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In the start of the movie, we saw, sometimes we underestimate Indian Talents and give importance to foreign sportsman. Likewise, India has many traditional sports but we don’t give importance to them and run behind international sports.


get link Behind every successful man there will be a woman

Whenever Sultan lost hopes from life, Aarfa became her true soulmate and helped him fight for his goals.


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A true friend will stay with you no matter what happens, Time and distance cannot apart the friendship in any circumstances.


Girls are not meant to stay in the four walls of house

Aarfa is great wrestler in Sultan movie. She won many medals in Olympics. Imagine if we promote girls for playing and leave our conservative thinking, how far India can go in sports. We should promote Girls in different fields be it sports, wrestling.


An advice can change your life

Sultan got an advice from his father to go ahead and face all the challenges in life. One should never take any wrong step in life just because he/she is upset.


There is no shortcut to success

Salman had worked hard to become a wrestler in the very first time and when he did come back. He teaches us Nothing comes easy in life, we need to struggle to earn respect and fame. There is no shortcut to success and we must come out of our comfort zone to meet success.


A woman can sacrifice her dream

Sultan was happy after listening about Aarfa’s pregnancy news. Aarfa gave up on her dream of participating in Olympics for Sultan’s happiness.


Don’t let success get into your head

After getting fame and success, Sultan becomes arrogant and rude. Soon life slammed him down and then he realizes that, there is a thin line between Success and Arrogance. When we cross that line, we lose everything in our life.


Compete with yourself

Don’t look around for your competitors, you will be the real winner when you compete with yourself and come out better. In this way, you can win with life.


One cannot forget his/her skills

One should not forget interest and passions or the lessons in his/her life. These lessons and skills helps us moving in our future.


Never underestimate anyone

Aakash underestimated Sultan twice and when Fateh saw Sultan,he said,Sultan is a dead person, because he weighed himself under his sorrows and life problems. Fateh told Aakash, you are wasting your time and Sultan cannot get back on track. Soon Salman proved him wrong.


One should be self-motivated

No one knows you better than you. Sultan knew himself his weakness and his strength, he was his self-motivator, that’s why he could cope up with life challenges and success.


Admit your mistake

After every night, there is day. When Aarfa and Sultan lost their kid, Sultan realizes his mistake, every day he stood in front of Dargah. He knew he had committed a mistake and he admitted it. We should not stay back from admitting our mistakes.


You are not too old to start anything new

Sultan did a comeback at the age of 40, where he learned new technique for wrestling and played with sportsman who were half of his age. This teaches us we are not old to start learning anything new in any age.


Don’t waste time thinking twice for right

Sultans Grandma and his dad advised him to do anything if he felt right, in life don’t delay those things which you feel you should do it immediately.


Give others a chance

Aakash goes to find out sponsor for wrestling for championship and his friend agrees with him. This one step changed life for many people.A chance given to anyone can change their and yours life.


A man is a father too

Aarfa being a mother was sad because she lost her kid, but on the other side, Sultan had also lost his kid after all he was the father of that kid. Aarfa didn’t realize the pain of a father who was quiet and fought alone for all those days when no one was with him.


People don’t care about your problem

Don’t tell your problems to people,80% of don’t care and other 20% are glad you have them. Your problem cannot be way to get sympathy from others as they have their own issues in the life


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