Old interest in new colors

Painting is one of my passion. In my leisure time,I like to pursue my passion.Let me share few glimpse of work: 

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Depth of ocean can be measured by depth of colors on the canvas.#ocean #calm #happiness #soothing #peace#mypainting


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Abstract Art a window



Abstract art for Music lovers in A3 size



Modern girl in A3 size 


Love birds in Sunset on A3 size


City girl on A3 size


Cherry blossom in A3 size


Black and White night in A3 size


Moonlight couple in A3 size




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It's been 10 years,I have been employed as a professional Lead Quality Assurance Engineer and Promoted to take additional responsibilities as Test Manager. Participated in various Testing competitions like Testathon, India testing league, Bugathon. Contributed to community by sharing knowledge on Salesforce platform as Speaker in Unicom event. I have tested a number of existing software products to determine if they were working properly, had been configured correctly, and were as good as they could be. Apart from these Professional activities I am very much interested in creative and different stuff. For me Success is Passion + Enthusiasm. If I am interested in something then I will do it until I get success.

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